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Artwork by Abe Fagenson



Prepare to be dazzled by "Dot-a-Licious: Stereographic Kaleidoscope," a two-panel, three-dimensional stereographic painting by the ingenious artist Abe Fagenson.

This captivating artwork invites you into a whimsical realm where colorful dots abound on a field of vibrant squares. As you delve into the mesmerizing depths of the painting through 3D viewing, the dots come alive, playfully moving into and out from the canvas, creating a delightful dance of depth and perception. Each dot is a tiny universe of color and energy, forming a kaleidoscopic tapestry that fills your senses with joy and wonder. Lose yourself in the rhythmic pattern of dots and squares, and let the vibrant symphony of colors transport you to a world where imagination and perception intertwine in harmonious delight.

"Dot-a-Licious Delight: Giclee Print of 'Stereographic Kaleidoscope'"

Elevate your space with a high-quality Giclee print of "Dot-a-Licious: Stereographic Kaleidoscope" by the renowned artist Abe Fagenson. This limited edition print captures the whimsy and magic of the original painting, bringing a burst of color and movement to your walls. The intricate interplay of dots and squares creates a visual feast that will ignite conversations and inspire curiosity. With its vibrant hues and dynamic 3D effect, this artwork will transform any room into a joyful oasis of creativity. Indulge in the dot-a-licious delight of this masterpiece and let it infuse your space with whimsical energy and artistic brilliance.

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