Meet the Artist - Abe Fagenson - Crossview Fine Art Paintings

Meet the Artist - Abe Fagenson

Meet the Artist - Abe Fagenson - Crossview Fine Art Paintings: Redefining Fine Art with Stereoscopic Techniques

Abe Fagenson, a visionary artist, has revolutionized the world of fine art with his unique approach. Through the use of three-dimensional, stereoscopic methods typically associated with film and photography, Abe creates stunning acrylic canvases that defy traditional artistic boundaries.

By employing the "Cross Eye Viewing" stereoscopic technique, Abe crafts two nearly identical images, one for each eye. When observed by the viewer, these images seamlessly merge into a captivating "third" image, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. The beauty of this method lies in its simplicity, as it can be effortlessly achieved with the naked eye.

Abe's artistic repertoire encompasses abstract designs, realistic subjects, and striking combinations of the two. Each painting is a labor of love, requiring several weeks of meticulous work. Using acrylic as his preferred medium, Abe appreciates its quick-drying properties and versatility for layering.

While Abe's work draws inspiration from the long-standing tradition of trompe l'oeil muralists and the groundbreaking vision of artists like Braque, Picasso, Vasarely, and Escher, his art stands on its own, taking these influences to new heights.

Abe's journey to becoming a pioneer in stereoscopic art is a captivating tale. His artistic talent was discovered and developed during his time as a student at the esteemed Art Institute of Chicago. His fascination with stereoptics, stemming from his exposure to the Viewmaster phenomenon of the 1950s, led him to explore stereoscopic photography. Building upon this knowledge, Abe merged the worlds of stereoscopic photography and painting, inventing a unique style that breathes life into his canvases.

With each painting, Abe masterfully creates an illusion of depth, manipulating the viewer's perception of space. The distance between the two images determines the perceived depth, with objects appearing closer or further away based on their positioning.

Prepare to be captivated by Abe's artwork, where abstract and realistic elements coexist harmoniously. Each piece reflects weeks of dedication and showcases the awe-inspiring illusion of three-dimensionality.

As Abe himself humbly remarks, it's truly an illusion that tricks the mind, but what an incredible illusion it is.